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David John Nilsson, Carbon Cowboy Video

David John Nilsson is a self-confessed Carbon Cowboy, who according to "60 Minutes" reporter Liam Bartlett, is behind one of the most brazen and potentially disastrous scams he has ever come across.  Previous to being reborn as a Carbon Cowboy, David Nilsson was a real estate broker in Australia and was accused in Parliament of selling non-existent plots of land in Queensland and of falsely claiming to have the support of government officials.  In addition, he operates an alleged "become a millionaire scam" in Queensland called Refund Real Estate Group, presumably with the support of his wife, Polly Lau (aliases Ling Man Lau and Liu Lingwen).  Now David Nilsson has popped up in the Amazon Rainforest, where the new carbon trading market has opened up huge opportunities for scams disguised as carbon projects and he now falsely claims that his new company, Amazon Holdings Limited, has the support of the United Nations.  Basically what Carbon Cowboys do is falsely promise profits of "billion of dollars" to vulnerable indigenous people in order to trick them into signing unjust contracts that have hidden clauses in them that grant the Carbon Cowboys a power of attorney, essentially giving them ownership of the native people's carbon and forest. 

Now that countries like Australia have legislated a carbon tax, a wave of Carbon Cowboys have been invading the Amazon, taking advantage of vulnerable indigenous Amazonians.  Friends of the Amazon is actively filing lawsuits against David Nilsson and his supporters in order to stop their lies and scams. According to his own words captured on a hidden camera, David Nilsson is planning to log the Amazon forest and plant palm oil plantations in its place.  Please help us stop David Nilsson from completing his plans to destroy the Amazon Rainforest. 

Presently, the Amazon Rainforest is under siege from Carbon Cowboys such as David Nilsson.  These unscrupulous carpetbaggers plan on logging old growth forests, and replacing the native rainforest with environmentally disastrous palm oil plantations.  Monocultures of palm oil trees devastate the Amazon Rainforest, destroying the biodiversity of the forest and causing the extinction of endangered plant and animal species.   Unfortunately, due to potentially large profits, palm oil is being promoted by large corporations and international aid organizations.  To make matters worse, recent legislation in Peru has given economic incentives to plant palm oil plantations.  Scientific studies have shown that palm oil plantations dramatically increase the incidence of malaria in the Amazon, resulting in the increased mortality of indigenous Amazonians.  At present, carbon cowboys and palm oil represent an enormous threat to the survival of the Amazon Rainforest and its native people. 

To view the television program of "60 Minutes" about Carbon Cowboys that exposes David Nilsson's scam to destroy the Amazon Rainforest and cheat its indigenous people, please download the video in Windows Media Video (.wmv) or Apple Quicktime (.mp4) formats.  

For more information about our various programs and to find out how you can help stop Carbon Cowboys such as David Nilsson from destroying the Amazon Rainforest, please contact us using the email address listed below or give us a call by telephone. 

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