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Provide Health Care to Indigenous People in the AmazonThe main defense against those who seek to destroy the Amazon Rainforest is to have the people who live there protect it.  This is exactly what indigenous Amazonians have been doing for thousand of years.  If the indigenous people of the Amazon and their culture are destroyed, it will be easy for outsiders to enter and cut down the forest.  Hence, the survival of the Amazon Rainforest is linked to the survival of its native people, the "Guardians of the Amazon." 

Presently, many indigenous people of the Amazon are being decimated by malaria which can be controlled with medicines if properly diagnosed.  Often, natives are dying needlessly due to a lack of medical care because they do not have money to travel to the city where treatment is available.  The solution to this problem is not to provide transportation, nor to send in doctors, but to provide indigenous communities with the means and training to diagnose and cure malaria independently.   

Help empower indigenous Amazonians to provide health care for their own people by providing them with microscopes and medicines so that they themselves can diagnose and treat malaria, instead of making expensive trips to the cities to seek aid.  Often, natives with malaria have no money to travel to the city to seek treatment and often die needlessly, while those who live close to the cities receive treatment and survive. 
Provide health care to native Amazonians so that they can protect the forest! Support the Friends of the Amazon's health care programs by providing laboratory equipment and essential medicines so that they themselves have the means to diagnose and treat malaria on their own. 
For more information on our health care programs or to find out how you can help stop the destruction of the Amazon, please contact contact us using the email address below. 

If you would like to learn how you can help empower indigenous people in the Amazon to provide their own health care, then please contact us for more information at:



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